Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On Racism

All over the news there are constant accusations of racism, sexism, prejudice, homophobia, ladeedadeeda, etc. but why?! We live in a new age! Black slavery is no longer just decades in the past, it's centuries past. Our dark skinned Americans have prevalent places in society, the presidency, sports, teachers. Not just blacks, not just whites. Every race, sex, and color is represented somewhere in your hometown, and VERY rarely does anyone dislike another by the color of their skin.

Still, though...when a white man murders a black man the media immediately cries "RACIST!!!"

As a progressive society, this is something we need to change. It doesn't go away until we stop talking about it. Imagine: What if the media treated the next interracial killing like any other? Analyzes it for an underlying motive. What if it's revenge? Prestige?! Simply a guy who said he'd kill the next guy who walks through that door?! That changes things. It's no longer racist, it's just crime as it should be. The guy goes to trial, gets convicted, spends life in prison/electric chair. Wouldn't that be great?

What if we treated homosexuality the same way? Give gays their right to marriage. Why not? They're people in love they should enjoy the same rights as husband and husband as a husband and wife. It's not wrong it's equal opportunity.

Yes. I am Christian. Yes. I'm for gay/interracial rights. One of the fundamental vertebra of our country is freedom of religion, it is not my place to force my ideals on everyone.

But enough about my thoughts, what are yours?

Logging off,
The Trickster

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  1. Race and sexual orientation are not the same thing though lately the strategy has been to confuse them. God has never classified humans by their race, not even Jews, though many Jews now do so. God classified people by those who are His people and those who are not. It has been true throughout history that anybody who would believe God could become one of His people. But He has made it very clear that homosexuality is evil. If homosexuality was a good thing, God would be in favor of it, wouldn't He? One reason He's not in favor of homosexuality goes to the core of humans' identity and understanding of who God is and where we stand in relation to Him. God created Eve from one of Adam's ribs thus making two from one. Eve's nature complements Adam, Adam's nature complements Eve's, in marriage they become one flesh again. God uses the marriage of a man and a woman to reflect His Image--in the Image of God created He them. The Image of God is portrayed for children in the home by the mother and the father together, both modeling the two natures of God--the disciplining, strong Father and the nurturing, affectionate Mother. His Name, El Shaddai, in the Hebrew means "The Big Breasted One" and refers to God's abundant provision, His patience and nurturing qualities. But when two persons of the same gender are unified in what passes for sexual intercourse among two of the same gender and now in marriage, they have besmirched the Image of God and mocked it. It's a slap in God's Face. If children are involved, their ideas about God's nature become confused and twisted. When people can no longer see the Image of God in human beings around them, society will break down. Who we are in relation to our Creator is at the very core of our individual souls, our culture and our identities on every level. Without that at the center, no depravity will be beyond us.