Friday, April 26, 2013

Why Spelling Matters

The following was posted on Facebook:

"So I have been talking about my job a little bit... but here is a little more about it. I work for cutco, its a high quality kitchen cutlery. and the best part is I get paid just to give the demonstration! so if any of you would bare with me for just about an hour I would greatly appreciate it! and you are not obligated to buy anything!"

Besides failing to capitalize a proper name, Cutco, which isn't that big of a deal, this person made a huge, whopping, serious spelling mistake. Did you catch it? Yep, "bare." "...if any of you would bare with me..." I don't think I'll do that. To "bare" with him/her would mean removing clothing and I'm just not going there, especially when this person is showing me a set of knives!

The photo below portrays a classic spelling blunder:

photo credit

Marilyn W Lathrop

The Glorious Thing That is the Magic Spreadsheet.

Hello, Writing Rogues!

During the course of the Pikes Peak Writers Conference I learned of a wonderful little tool called the Magic Spreadsheet which, after a week has kept me writing every day. It starts at level one with a word count goal of 250 and as you meet your goal each day it gives you points for chains and exceeding your word count, allowing you to level up accordingly. It's become a fun way for me to push myself forward and write more consistently.

Should you be an aspiring writer and want to give it a go, you can find the spreadsheet itself here, as it's moved to a new Google Doc since it's original posting.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hello Writing Rogues.
I have a prayer that was an assignment.
King's Cross by Timothy J. Keller (Big thumbs up)
Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Jury is still out)

Shouting Rocks and Brittle Bones

When I finally put away my thoughts of how to reach You and reach,
When I stop trying to pray correctly and pray,
When I let my mouth curl up instead of down,
You meet me.
You are always there.
Just on the other side of self-absorption.
Augustine writes, Late have I loved You.
I could write, seldom have I loved You.
Yet, this day, again Eternal, again Sovereign, again Grace, again Love, again wholly Sufficient for my sins and for those brittle bones of all Your children,
Thanksgiving Father,
May I commit this day to You.
For my husband and our son, thank You.
May they know You today and love You today.
May Your peace and blessing fall effortlessly on them,
But mostly, may Your path be our path.
For the Church, Father thank You.
For You when I struggle, thank You.
For this world, Father where we see dimly
For its rancor and Peace,
Its filth and Beauty
Its apathy and Joy.
That Your truth is not
bits of confusion strung out in tiny crumbs of rigor,
sinew and nerves that never quicken,
Even the rocks shout Your name.
Thank You.
That I may know You Lord,
That I may I tend forgiveness for myself and others.
I do love You.
Bind me to You that I may not stray.
May I love You more.