Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to Create a Handmade Book the Way Professional Bookmakers Do It

Few people do it these days, but making a book by hand is still an art form and one of the most beautiful ever....

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Book Review: Fate's Mirror

Fate's Mirror is the story of a computer hacker who considers himself more than a hacker, he's a "viker." He's terrified to leave his house, but he makes a good living doing freelance viking on the world wide web. Everything's fine, groceries are delivered to his door, he doesn't have to go out until, bam, one day his house blows up. Morris barely makes it out alive, with nothing but the futuristic version of an android phone and the clothes on his back. Pretty harsh awakening for a fellow who prefers the womb of his basement and no spreading skies above.

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While they watch his house continue to implode in the flames, a neighbor gives Morris his coat and it occurs to him that somebody willfully and deliberately blew up his house. Maybe he'd better put some distance between the flaming ruin and himself before they realize he's not dead.

Morris heads across country to a friend's home--a friend he's never met in person, a bounty hunter for whom Morris has done some investigative digging. Lucky for him, she's willing to take care of him, disabling agoraphobia and all, including ongoing vengeful assaults from three AI sisters who've taken up residence on the world wide web.

When a special forces branch of the NSA tracks Morris down and worse, hires him (he never wanted to enter any NSA building legally), things get hairier from there.

Fate's Mirror is a well-written, engaging and fun read for science fiction fans and computer geeks alike. And even for readers who feel they're not into that kind of fiction, after all, a good story is a good story regardless of genre. I highly recommend Fate's Mirror.

M.H. Mead is the pen name for a duo of writers, Alex Kourvo and Harry R. Campion.