Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good Writing

Good writing is work. Good writing is a lot of work. If good writing isn't a lot of work for you--then don't tell me. I probably wouldn't believe you anyway, especially if you're talking about novel length material.

Good writing is like the ruin in the picture above. All the bits fit together intricately and every word matters. Good writing tastes good. When words flow through your mouth like fine chocolate or great wine, well, it's a sublime experience.

Good writing will withstand the test of time. Many novels which occupy people's attention today will be forgotten within twenty years or less. The "Twilight" series has seemingly taken over the world, but the writing is only average to bad. If the series stands the test of time, it will be because the story remained compelling and vibrant for generations. For that verdict, we'll just have to wait and see. The "Harry Potter" series might pass the test, but the later books are not quite as well written as the first. Authors, save us from series that go bad before they end! Make the last book as good as the first!

Good writing taps into human nature and speaks across time to the matters of love, family, work, intellect, spirituality and God--the things human beings have grappled with forever. This is why the fairy tale, the Greek myth or the myths of any culture remain. This is why the Bible stands at the pinnacle of human writing. Human nature doesn't change.

Oh, for some good writing! I have become a writer to write stuff I want to read. Now if only I can do it!