Friday, April 26, 2013

Why Spelling Matters

The following was posted on Facebook:

"So I have been talking about my job a little bit... but here is a little more about it. I work for cutco, its a high quality kitchen cutlery. and the best part is I get paid just to give the demonstration! so if any of you would bare with me for just about an hour I would greatly appreciate it! and you are not obligated to buy anything!"

Besides failing to capitalize a proper name, Cutco, which isn't that big of a deal, this person made a huge, whopping, serious spelling mistake. Did you catch it? Yep, "bare." "...if any of you would bare with me..." I don't think I'll do that. To "bare" with him/her would mean removing clothing and I'm just not going there, especially when this person is showing me a set of knives!

The photo below portrays a classic spelling blunder:

photo credit

Marilyn W Lathrop

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