Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eric Metaxas and the Golden Fish or How an Author and a Book can Change the World

Take a young man (Eric Metaxas) born into a nominally Greek Orthodox family where religion is a cultural thing and God is the center piece of the culture rather than a belief system fixed on a True and Loving Being Who Wants Relationship, throw in a solid education and intellectual tendencies and you have a young man who ends up at a university (Yale) which was once founded on Christian principles by Christians to educate Americans to represent Christ in the earth. (Recognize this university has forgotten why it was founded and moved into secularism and finally into hostility to Christ, as much of American culture seems to be doing lately--why we Christians let whoever has done this to do it, I don't know.) Graduate this young man, send him on errands of fruitless futility seeking what he thinks he wants most in life, but not finding it. And finally, when his parents say, "Please, just get a job," put him in a boring, low-level position proof-reading chemical manuals. Now this young man is finally in a place where God can touch him. This place is called "the bottom." Unfortunately, many of us have to go there before we will listen to God. Bring in a charismatic (charismatic in the sense that he is filled by the Holy Spirit) artist who thinks outside the box (including the secular box) who prays for him and helps the Holy Spirit nudge him and...well, here's Eric Metaxas's testimony in his own words where he meets IXTHYS, the Golden Fish, in a dream.

In August 2011 Eric Metaxas' book, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy was released. Since then he has been on a practically nonstop "book tour" to promote this book about a man who resisted Hitler with the primary purpose of waking up American Christians to stand against the forces that have accelerated our cultural slide into the emptiness of secularism with its inane mantras and vile sacraments (abortion to name one)--the forces that call evil good and good evil. Essentially, using Bonhoeffer as his mentor, Eric Metaxas is calling all Christians to rise up and take ground for the Kingdom of God.

The hour is late, let us heed the call.

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