Friday, May 31, 2013

A Brief Summary of My Fictional Realm

The world I have created for my writing is a vast and mysterious place. Either that, or an incredibly small and mysterious place. Feel free to pick one as you read on.

Imagine a grand archipelago, resting upon a bed of merciless ocean, filled with strange creatures and swelling tempests. Lurid jungles permeate the islands, all of them teeming with life and swarming with death. Great volcanoes spew superheated magma across the face of the keys, leaving scars of ash and dust in their wake. Even stranger still, are the great machines and structures that dot the landscape. This is a land of mystery, where death is quick to silence you, and life is quick to remind you that your turn is almost done.
Deep underground, seven thousand people awake, and find themselves with no memory of their past. They have are their names, a common language, and unique skills and talents. To survive in this harsh archipelago, these people band together, and form a civilization that would endure the savage forces pitted against them for the centuries to come.
The key to their survival lay in the machines they would come to discover. These machines gave them quick access to technologies that would otherwise be beyond them. Water purifiers, anti-gravitational field emitters, and other such marvels quickly propelled this people into a society that hybridizes medieval and modern cultures. Taking heed of the word written on many of these great machines, this people came to call themselves, the Septem.

This is merely a small taste of the world I have created, one written to help familiarize all of you with the setting that will drive my upcoming submissions. I will attempt to submit more detailed explanations of my world and its history to this blog, in the hopes that it will increase your interest and understand in and of my works.

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